Neurology Services

We are pleased to offer in-office testing with nerve conductive studies/electromyography (NCS/EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), and ultrasounds.

Other in-office procedures include lumbar punctures, lumbar epidurals, blood patches, trigger point injections, carpal tunnel injections, Botox injections, PENS/TENS and peripheral nerve blocks.


Botox© is sometimes prescribed for treatment of chronic migraine. It is FDA approved and Dr Hetrick treats patients here at the office.
For more information on the use of Botox© to treat migraines, please visit the following official Allergan sites.



An (EEG) electroencephalogram test is done to measure the electrical activity of your brain. An EEG measures the activity of impulses of brain cells communicating with each other while producing tiny electrical signals.


There are several uses for ultrasound in neurology even though the skull makes it difficult for these sound waves to be used to evaluate the brain directly.


How well and how fast the nerves can send electrical signals are measured by an NCS (nerve conduction study). An EMG (electromyogram) measures the electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction.


For the purpose of pain management, needle electrodes are inserted just below the skin and electronic stimulus generators transmit electrical impulses of various configurations to them.

Infusion Therapy

MS medications may be given by infusion therapy which are treatments administered intravenously (IV) directly through a needle placed in a vein in your arm and into the bloodstream. Foothills Neurology is proud to partner with Corinthian Health Services to provide the best option for Infusion therapy in Ahwatukee.

What to Bring to An Appointment

These items will help you get the best care possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • Patient's insurance card
  • Physician referral forms, if required by insurance
  • List of prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medications, including dose and frequency
  • Information about the patient's medical and surgical history
  • Recent x-rays or relevant records
  • Please download and fill out New Patient Forms

Meet Our Staff

We know that it's important to you that you feel comfortable with your caregiver. Visit our staff page for more information about each of our practitioners.

Foothills Neurology Staff - Phoenix, AZ
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