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Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Chronic Pain located in Foothills Neurology, Phoenix AZ. We are dedicated to supporting, educating and empowering our patients who live with Chronic Pain and their families.

Chronic Pain
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Chronic Pain Facts

  • A recent market research report indicates that more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain
  • 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain
  • An estimated 20% of American adults (42 million people) report that pain or physical discomfort disrupts their sleep a few nights a week or more.
  • When asked about four common types of pain, respondents of a National Institute of Health Statistics survey indicated that low back pain was the most common (27%), followed by severe headache or migraine pain (15%), neck pain (15%) and facial ache or pain (4%).

External Sources and Resources

American Chronic Pain Association

The goal of pain management is to increase function, improve quality of life and reduce one’s sense of suffering. The American Chronic Pain Association uses relaxation techniques as one of the necessary coping skills for dealing with pain. But when you are in a great deal of pain, it is difficult to relax. Relaxation, in part, is redirecting your thoughts off of your pain and on to something else that you enjoy. With practice you can redirect your thoughts off of your pain and on to other things. Enjoyable activities can aid you in focusing your attention on things other than pain levels.

American Academy of Pain Medicine

The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) is the medical specialty society representing physicians practicing in the field of pain medicine. As a medical specialty society, the Academy is involved in education, training, advocacy, and research in the specialty of pain medicine.