Neuropathy Treatment Phoenix

Neuropathy Treatment

neuropathy treatment phoenix

Neuropathy is any disorder of the nerves, generally resulting from disease or injury. Because the cause and symptoms can be so varied, pinpointing a specific type of neuropathy requires the most up-to-date diagnostics and experienced providers. Foothills Neurology offers neuropathy treatment in Phoenix dedicated to diagnosing and reducing, or even eliminating, your symptoms related to neuropathic disorders. Our Neuropathy Center of Excellence has been successfully delivering neuropathy treatment by reducing and eliminating pain for Phoenix residence for years.

Common Neuropathy Disorders

As stated above, there are many causes of neuropathy and each have their own constellation of symptoms. Symptoms vary but often include pain, tingling, and/or numbness. These symptoms can create a large disturbance to an individual’s lifestyle, even resulting in disability. That is why our compassionate specialists in neuropathy treatment work diligently to eliminate pain and restore your wellbeing. Our well-educated, experienced team of neurologists evaluate each person on an individualized basis. They take the time to investigate the root cause for each person’s neuropathy and develop a unique treatment for that individual.

We commonly offer neuropathy treatment for patients suffering from:

neuropathy treatment phoenix az

  • Diabetic Neuropathy – With over fifty percent of diabetics developing diabetic neuropathy, there is a large need for neuropathy treatment of this condition. Often starting with the feet, then hands, the condition begins with a sensation of numbness and/or tingling. Advancements in diabetic neuropathy treatment allow our specialists the ability to diagnose and treat this condition in ways that have only recently become available. In some cases it is even possible to reverse the progress of the condition.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy – The outcome of this condition results in problems with motor, autonomic, and sensory function in the peripheral nerves. Symptoms include pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling in the feet and hands. It ranges from on-again-off-again symptoms all the way to debilitating pain. Peripheral neuropathy is an often misdiagnosed condition. Our neurologists are skilled at diagnosing, treating, and managing peripheral neuropathy. The condition is frequently controllable when caught early.
  • Cranial NeuropathyCranial nerves stem from the brain. Any damage to these twelve nerves is considered cranial neuropathy. Some commonly seen conditions in this category include optic neuropathy, audio neuropathy, and Bell’s palsy. Symptoms vary greatly and range from disruptions in vision, hearing, movement, and facial musculature to pain. Neuropathy treatment for these conditions will depend on the cause. We first diagnose the type of condition a patient has, then create a cranial neuropathy treatment plan specific to the cause and set of symptoms.

Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment in Phoenix

When it comes to neuropathy treatment there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our patients find lasting relief through the understanding and innovation our specialists bring to each specific and unique disorder. We listen to you. Our goal is to see you healthy and well by providing advice, pain management techniques, and much more. We go over your personal history and fill in missing information with relevant testing to design the best possible plan for neuropathy treatment in Phoenix you can count on. Call or contact us today for more information.

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