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At Foothills Neurology each neurologist is dedicated to improving your quality of life.

Finding a neurologist you feel comfortable with is an important part of the Neurology treatment process.

We start by getting to know you as a person. Listening to you and working as your health care partner, the neurologist you see in our office begins the process with a compassionate ear. We work as a team with the staff, providers, and neurologists as well as your primary care physician to accurately diagnose and treat your neurological concerns.

We offer the latest in diagnostic procedures as well as treatment. We are able to do a majority of testing in-house. Each neurologist has the education and experience to be at an expert in his or her specialty. Our specialty centers cover a wide range of common neurological conditions. We provide stellar neurological care for nearly any neurological condition. You can count on the commitment of our team to find the source of your symptoms and ease your pain and suffering.

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Neurology Services

Our Specialty Centers bring all the latest research, current diagnostic tools, and experienced neurologists together to improve your quality of life. You will find neurologists with dedicated expertise and an empathetic understanding of the conditions they treat.

Beyond a well-educated neurologist dedicated to understanding your specific condition, we are able to do many in-house procedures. Having these diagnostic and treatment tools in-house means not needing to wait for another appointment at yet another office. Our quick, accurate results and treatment capabilities help get you back to feeling like you again.

In-office procedures include:

  • Nerve Conduction Studies (NSC)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Humphrey Visual Field
  • VNG (videonystagmogram)
  • Autonomic Testing
  • Trigger Point Injection
  • Carpal Tunnel Injection
  • Botox© Injection
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks

We know that seeing a specialist can feel scary. If you or your primary care physician suspect a disorder affecting your nervous system, you should not have to wait to get answers. We understand the fear around a disorder can sometimes feel larger than the disorder itself. That is why our caring team not only gets to the bottom of your symptoms but also takes time to discuss your condition. Our team is happy to answer questions you have and help you comprehend the condition, treatment and what you can expect.

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