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The Importance of Early Detection for Neurological Disorders

The Importance of Early Detection for Neurological Disorders

Approximately one out of three people around the globe are affected by some type of neurological disorder. You may not know you have a neurological disorder until symptoms become so severe it disrupts your lifestyle. Early detection can provide numerous benefits to help improve overall quality of life and reduce these disruptive symptoms. Here are three main reasons why early detection is important for neurological disorders.

Prevent and Minimize Neurological Impairments

Early detection for neurological disorders can help prevent and minimize long-term impairments for individuals. Common symptoms of these types of disorders can include headaches, seizures, dementia and dysfunctions with motor skills or the nervous system. Advances in medical research have been able to detect biomarkers and other traits for specific neurological disorders to help make early detection more accurate.


By receiving a diagnosis early, these impairments can be treated effectively so some symptoms are unable to worsen over time. See a neurologist immediately if you are experiencing chronic pain, dizziness, numbness or memory problems.

Receive the Right Treatment

According to research, more than 600 neurological disorders have been identified. These disorders often have similar symptoms and it can be difficult to receive an accurate diagnosis without early detection testing. There are many types of diagnostic tests a neurologist can perform to determine the root cause of any disruptive symptoms. Early detection can help ensure an individual receives the right treatment for these symptoms to live a happier and healthier life.


During a neurological exam, a specialist may review your medical history and perform certain tests. These tests are designed to examine your nervous system for any issues with your balance, motor skills, coordination or mental state. Based on the results, the neurologist will recommend the best treatment plan for your condition.

Lower Medical Costs

Early detection can help lower medical costs over time for individuals with neurological disorders. Research studies have concluded that early detection can slow disease progression and the risk of ensuing disabilities for certain disorders. Routine health screening and early lifestyle modifications can slow the need for expensive surgeries, medications or lengthy hospital stays. Without an accurate diagnosis in early stages, an individual could be directed to services and treatments that fail to be beneficial in reducing symptoms.


Individuals may avoid early screenings because of the cost of screenings. However, many individuals who are struggling financially may be able to receive these screenings at little to no charge. By taking advantage of available financial programs for early detection screening, you can minimize the many economic risks involved with the progression of neurological disorders.

Specialized Treatment for Neurological Disorders in Arizona

Advancements in early detection for neurological disorders are becoming more beneficial for individuals to improve daily function. If you believe you may be struggling with symptoms, it is crucial to see an experienced neurologist immediately. Foothills Neurology specializes in early detection and treatment for individuals in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Advanced diagnostics combined with comprehensive treatment can help ease your pain and suffering. Schedule an appointment for early detection testing today.

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