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How to Train Your Brain

Our brains are a complex network of connections that enable us to live and thrive. Just like any other part of our body our brains need to be exercised and trained to perform at its highest possible function. Learn how to train your brain to improve your memory, learn new things quickly and keep your brain strong and healthy.

Healthy Brain Food

Before considering how to train your brain to function, it must be healthy. There are natural boosts to get your brain performing more effectively. This means eating foods that improve cognitive function and thereby can provide you with the skills you need to boost your brain`s health. The first of which is fatty fish rich in omega-3 to help boost brain cells. Blueberries produce antioxidants that reduce inflammation and stress. Avocados are known to reduce blood pressure that can lead to mental decline and stress, and walnuts improve heart health. Dark chocolate increases dopamine levels and allows you to learn faster.

Ways to Train Your Brain

The first way to train your brain is to practice strengthening your memory. There are simple ways to practice strengthening your memory every day. These activities can be as simple as asking yourself to remember different things about your day. Maybe you visited an arboretum and read about plant life. On your way home try to discuss with those you went with about the specific plants you encountered and their names. Finding memory games online can also be good practice, there are various games form jigsaw puzzles to sudoku.

Get Creative

Learning something new can be a wonderful way to train your brain and strengthen its function. This could be something like learning a new instrument or how to knit. This creates new connections in your brain. Learning a new instrument can especially be helpful in boosting memory, reading skills, and increases blood flow to your brain. Learning a new language improves cognitive function and language skills.

Get Involved and Be Social

Be sure to have a good and meaningful connection in your life. This will boost brain function and improve mood. By having deep and meaningful relationships it allows our brain to exercise observation of social patterns and even improve our mood and happiness. A happy brain means better cognitive function and clarity. Talking with others also allows us to have discussions and learn from one another. This allows discourse that can make new connections and help you to learn something new. Being social and getting involved with clubs and interactions with others will boost brain health.

It’s important to keep in mind that your brain will not change with one day of these activities. Continually practicing these brian tips keeps your brain cognizant and aware. It’s not as easy as just doing these activities once, but truly training your brain in a regime. Practicing mindfulness can strengthen brain health by practicing self-awareness and even meditation. If you feel as if you practice these measures and still experience brain issues, then seeing a neurologist may be the perfect solution. At Foothills Neurology we have a staff of trained professionals to evaluate what treatment options are best for you.

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