How Genetics Impact Health

Although there are many possible causes of illness and disease, family history is often one concern.
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social media and mental health

How does social media affect our mental health?

While social media has a purpose in our everyday lives, the negative impact on our mental health should be noted.
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mentally disconnect

How to Mentally Disconnect when You’re Always Connected

Remote work has provided countless freedoms, but many are having trouble staying off the clock.
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Anxious Mind

Ways to Calm An Anxious Mind

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but letting get out of hand can be damaging. Here are our best tips for calming an anx
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see a neurologist

3 Signs it’s Time to See a Neurologist

People might be anxious to schedule an appointment with a specialist, but sometimes it's necessary to see a neurologist.
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concussion effects

The Short and Long Term Concussion Effects

Head injuries are more common than most think. Here are some short and long-term concussion effects to look out for when
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Phone Usage Effects

Phone Usage Effects on Physical and Mental Health

Many use their phones often throughout the day, and it is important to know the effects of excessive use.
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Sleep and Brain Care

Tips for Better Sleep and Brain Care

Our brains are constantly involved in different activities and require proper rest. Here are some tips for better sleep
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Brain Food

Brain Food: Food for Healthy Mind

Just like a car engine, our brains require the best fuel around. Here are the best brain foods for your every day diet.
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Healthy Mind

Formula For A Healthy Mind

Just like the rest of your body, brains need exercise. Here a couple of things you can do every day to keep an active an
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